The unknown world war was one that nearly destroyed the human race.

The Prophecy.Edit

In the town of Yonwood, North Carolina in July. A woman named Althea Tower was filling her bird feeder when suddenly she had a vision, the vision was of a great war. The planet in suffer.

The beginningEdit

The President of the United States announced the talks with the Phalanx Nations had reached a crisis, their leaders would not give in on any demands, and the leaders of the United States would not give in to theirs. Unless some sort of an agreement could be reached, the President said it might be necessary to go to war...

A plan to keep the human race goingEdit

Before the war had come, workers in the united states were drafted into work on a secret mission. The workers were known as builders, the builders were building an underground city to protect the human civilization from harm. It was an entire city packed with supplies and sealed off from the surface, so that it's inhabitants would be able to stay there as long as necessary, safe from whatever was going to happen above.

The WarEdit


Nations readied and aimed their missels, sent out soldiers to take over cities and fight for land. And over the fighting in the jungles and seas, new diseases broke out. It was like a waking dream. The trees and grass went away. And in their place was blinding flashes of light. Billows of fire rose around the world, and a hot wind roared. A dreadful scene, the whole Earth boiled with flames and black smoke. The noise was terrible, a howling and crashing and crackling. Warring troops and fleeing refugees fled to one country after another; hundreds of thousands died. Fear ran like a pack of wolves across the planet, and people were afraid for the human race. When the human race seemed truly threatened, the government contacted a few carefully selected people...