The training center is a building specificly designed for tributes to be in fit for the hunger games. The tributes live in that area with their escort, mentor, and stylist/ prepteam.

Obstacle coursesEdit

The training center is desgned with many obstacle courses to prepare the tributed in what is going to happen in the arena. There is the gaulent which is designed for tributes to run and jump across obstacles as trainers swing heavy bags at you. You have to reach the end in the fastest way you can. There is also the knot tying station which Mags may have used during her hunger games. Atala in the movie mentions not to forget the survival skills which include making snares, starting up fire, identifying edible plants, and camoflauging which Peeta does not ignore.  There is no fighting in the training center however in the movie, Cato and the District 6 male get in a fight over a knife. Each tribute wears a red and black shirt with their district number on the sides in the movie but in the book the clothes are determined by the stylists.

Everyday routineEdit

The tributes go in training for 3 days in a row. Training starts at 10:00 am sharp even though in the 74th hunger games sometributes showed up early such as Careers and in the 75th hunger games not everybody showed up in training since they thought they could win being experienced. Atala then explains the rules and diffrent training stations. Katniss enjoys going to the snare section, Foxface enjoys lerning about the diffrent plants and insects, Peeta enjoys the camoflaugue section, Rue enjoys the "monkey bars", while the careers enjoy the weapon section which Atala informs is not the wisest decision to make.

Training ScoresEdit

During training the game makers watch the tributes to determine who would most likely win. After the 3 days are over they call the tributes one by one to determin how much the tributes have learned in training. The tributes are judged by numbers 5 and down meaning they will probably not win 5-8 meaning they have a chance and 8-12 meaning they are most likely going to win. However the training scores do not really matter as Katniss mentions the victor of the 73rd hunger games was won by a male who got a 3 in his score and of course the well known victor Johnna Mason who pretended to be weak getting a low score in training that was probably a 1 2 or 3. Katniss Everdeen placed the highest score in the 74th hunger games getting a 11 which the careers where jealouse of, espically Clove. In the 75th hunger games Peeta and Katniss both got 12's.