The Shit Clan was founded on March 18th, 2013. It originally comprised of Johanna and Haymitch, but later was opened to new recruits. The Shit Clan follows strict laws. If you break the laws more than 3 times, you're exiled, and become a diarretic shit.


1. Thou shall only speak in ShitSpeak, unless otherwise informed by the members of the Shit Council

2. Thou shall only refer to your fellow Shits by their clan names. (JoShit, HayShit, ChinShit)

3. Thou shall show respect to all shit, in all of it's forms

4. Thou shall eat shit twice a week

Shit Clan MembershitEdit

MassiveShit- Haymitch Abernathy (HayShit)

HugeShits- Johanna (JoShit), Chin Boy (ChinShit)