I may be a brown butler.
Born December 18th
Gender Transgender
Joined February 18th, 2012
Origin Wiki The Hunger Games Wiki
Other wikis The Hunger Games Wiki

JJ the talking JabberjayEdit

This....user was originally male, but because of miscommunication everyone thought he was female... He just ran with it.

His persona was that of a 15 year old girl named Evalyn, whom, when joined was very fagiile, attention whorish, and over all annoying. Was sorta suicidal as well.

JabberJay was very week a fragile till she gained the power of "I like trains" which she used to rape everyone (mainly Marvel. 

Eventualy she got shot and died.


Katniss was also used by a female named evalyn. Evalyn became Katniss because at the time this wiki was actuallu a roleplay wiki and a bird wasn't a good roleplay characture. 

When becoming Katniss lost her train power of train, but instead raped people , but eventually she became pregnant. In the prosses she gave birth to the first ever demon baby.

Halfway through katniss' visite here, she hooked up with her sister and they daited a month before revealing her true gender to the un-suspecting sibling..... damn that was one crazy april fool's day

katness stayed female for another 2 or so months after hooking up with her sister, but eventually told everyone the truth about her gender, and to this day the user is known not as a boy, and not as a girl, but something inbetween the lines of reality, and fantasy.

Katniss wrote poems and sang and shit. Really fucking awesome user with over 500 edits.

The ButlerEdit

This was the true resurection of the male known as Jordan, the man behind the breasts. 

He created this account for reasons unknown and in doing so came back to the wiki he helped found

He no longer rapes, but instead throws fried chicken at assalents.

He watches anime and reads mangas.... Fucking nerd

Plays andything made by nintendo.

And is very very single

Singer, loves long walks on the beach, has a job and a open spot in his heart for you ;D

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