The Treaty of Treason and the Codes held withing are to be obeyed at all times, on both the Chatroom and on the Pages of the HungerLIVE Wiki.

Thou Shalt Not:

  1. Post any content that is deemed innapropriate* by the Wikia Terms of Use on the HungerLIVE Wiki
  2. Abuse or harass any Users of the HungerLIVE Wiki
  3. Vandalize the Pages of the HungerLIVE Wiki
  4. Obstruct the Administrative Staff of the HungerLIVE Wiki from furfilling their duties
  5. Encourage Users to break the Treaty of Treason

Thou Shall:

  1. Be a contributing and positive member of the HungerLIVE Wiki
  2. Follow all Terms and Guidelines of the Wikia Service
  3. Obey the Administrative Staff at all times
  4. Have fun

The Administrative staff are the people that have the icons on the right sides of their names.

All punishments for these rules will be judged by the active Administrative Staff during the time of the infraction.

If you see another user break a rule, please take a screenshot, and don't crop it down to just what was said, include the whole chat box, so that an admin can see who was on at the time. Show the screenshot to an admin.

By entering our chatroom and editing our pages, you agree to have read and will abide by this Treaty at all times while at the HungerLIVE Wiki.

Administrators are people who have appointed by the Owner of the Wikia, and it is their job to uphold the rules stated above. If you wish to become one of the Administrative Staff of the Wikia, please contact any of the current Administrators.

The Founder of this wiki is;

Current Administrators are;

Current Chat Moderators are;

Thank you for taking the time to read the Rules, and we at HungerLIVE hope you enjoy your stay!

-Haymitch Abernathy