"Weave for me a tapestry,

Of white, blue, and black

Enter into our domain,

And you may never come back.

Step foot into our lair,

My friend,

And see a sight to behold,

For once you come and join us,

Your soul will become cold."

The First Hint

"I see before my very eyes,

A true sight to behold,

Gems of blue, red, purple and black,

All outlined in Gold.

But let this be a warning,

To ye theives in my Den,

Touch even the slightest mistake,

And join us, down Below."

The Second Hint

"The Labryinth of

Fate, in its purest form, brings

together Great Forces."

The Third Hint

"The pearl soon appears,

out of the lonely shell.

Even Hades sang,

in the palace in his Hell.

The victims too reacted,

right before their quell.

Even the best among them,

before what shalt soon befall,

a testiment to Mars,

the tolling of the Bells.

The choir sung my praise,

up in their heavenly abode.

But not even they could know,

of what I caused below."

The Fourth Hint.