Apperantly Clove Abernathy will no longer be part of the family. She claimed a divorce. We shall be grouped into catogories. Those who wish to go with Haymitch shall be grouped. Those whp wish to go with Clove will be grouped in her group


  • ShimmerGlimmer [That's right, I chose what seemed like the most fun part of the family :P]


  • jordan (aka the man-woman) YOU GO GURL
  • Cato District 2 Male
  • ThreshD11
  • Marissa "Foxface" District 5 Female
  • PurpleGirl23 (you know why reason (hint hint))


  • Johanna Mason District 7
  • Finnick "What the Finnick" Odair (I'm gonna have to go with Jo on this one ;)
  • Annie "The Mad Girl" Cresta (I'm going with you guys I ain't going with Haymitch or Clove)