Don't Feed The Trolls Edit

When someone comes on trying to start arguements or trolling the best, time tested, way to deal with it is to IGNORE everything they say. Trolls WANT you to argue back. they ENJOY it. simply ignore them, Its fun to watch them get frustrated and try harder and harder to make you react before finally giving up

Banning and Kickbanning are a LAST resort Edit

give lots of specific warnings first. and make sure someone ACTUALLY did something inexcusable and KEPT doing it after told to stop. Personal grudges and disliking a user do not count.

Know Your Rights Edit

What can you actually be reported for? never be intimidated by threats to report you if the report would come to nothing. People can by bullied by others threatening to report them. If you know your rights you can link the person threatening you to the page listing exactly what you could be reported for and show them their reason is not on it. This usually shuts them up. etiquette