Girl don't mess with me
Age Mid 20s
Occupation Head Trainer
Home Capitol
Gender Female
Height 5'9
Weapon N/A
Fate Unknown
Appearances The Hunger Games
Catching Fire
Mentioned The Hunger Games
Catching Fire
Portrayed by Karan Kendrick

Atala is the head trainer for the Hunger Games. Her job is to explain the different possible ways to die in the arena, and to make sure the tributes are ready to be in the Hunger Games. 


In the movie she is dark skinned with black slick hair tied up in a bun. She looks like a normal Capitol citizen, similar to Cinna. In the movie she is also seen wearing a sweat suit with a Capitol Pin on the right of her jacket. She has brown eyes in the movie as well. She maybe around her mid 20's although her age is unknown.


Atala was most likely raised in the Capitol and is more like a normal human being. She dosen't talk with an accent, wears normal everyday clothes, and dosen't put on much of a show. She explains to the tributes in the training center, "In two weeks 23 of you will be dead, one of you will be alive. Who that is depends on how well you listen over the next 4 days, espically to what I am about to say. First, no fighting you will have so much time to do that in the arena. My advice is don't skip the survival skills, many of you want to grab a knife but most of you will die of natural causes, ten percent from infection, twenty percent from dehydration. Exposure can kill you as easily as a knife." During the 74th Hunger GamesFoxface seems to be the only person to listen to her instructions as everybody else goes to grab a weapon. She explains the same directions in the training center during the 75th Hunger Games. Atala is known to make even the weakst tribute into shape.


It is unknown if she survived the battle of the Capitol.