FANDOM The 75th Hunger Games, also known as the third Quarter Quell, were the last Hunger Games ever held in Panem. For this Hunger Games, Plutarch Heavensbee replaced Seneca Crane as Head Gamemaker. The 75th Hunger Games was the first Hunger Games to have no victor. It had the largest alliance with fourteen members. The Games were stopped in the middle when Katniss destroyed the forcefield by shooting an arrow with copper wire tied on it. The wire was connected to an area where lighting hits at the same time everyday. When the lighting struck, Katniss shot the arrow into the forcefield and it exploded. The Capitol then captured Peeta Mellark, Johanna Mason, Enobaria and Annie Cresta. Rebels then flew in, rescued all the survivors and flew them all to District 13.


All of the 24 victors in these Games were previous victors. 

District Female Tribute Male Tribute
District 1 Cashmere Gloss
District 2 Enobaria Brutus
District 3 Wiress Beetee
District 4 Mags Finnick Odair
District 5 Unnamed Tribute Unnamed Tribute
District 6 "Female Morphling" "Male Morphling"
District 7 Johanna Mason Blight
District 8 Cecelia Woof
District 9 Unnamed Tribute Unnamed Tribute
District 10 Unnamed Tribute Unnamed Tribute
District 11 Seeder Chaff
District 12 Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark


Undecided (1st - 6th)

Beetee (rescued by District 13)

Enobaria (captured by the Capitol)

Finnick Odair (rescued by District 13)

Johanna Mason (captured by the Capitol)

Katniss Everdeen (rescued by District 13)

Peeta Mellark (captured by the Capitol)

7th - Brutus - Day 3 (killed by Peeta)

8th - Chaff - Day 3 (killed by Brutus)

9th - District 10 male - Day 2 (ripped by "The Beast")

10th - Cashmere - Day 2 (killed by Johanna)

11th - Gloss - Day 2 (killed by Katniss)

12th - Wiress - Day 2 (killed by Gloss)

13th - District 5 female - Day 2 (killed by tidal wave)

14th - District 6 female - Day 2 (killed by monkey muttations)

15th - Mags - Day 2 (killed by poisonous fog)

16th - Blight - Day 2 (killed by blood rain and force field)

17th - 23rd - Day 1 (All killed in the Bloodbath)

District 6 male



District 9 male

District 9 female

District 10 female


24th - District 5 male - Day 1 (killed by Finnick Odair at the Cornucopia)