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• 1/6/2013

New Chat mods? Don't think so!

Mr.Chin in the following days 2 of your chat mods have disapeared (Haymitch and Clove) Leaving only 2 chat mods left. (You and Kayla) Everytime your not on Noobs come on and ask if they can be mods. I keep saying no but they say that there should be new mods. With the less people there will be less mods and less people to deal with. I'm pretty sure we are well trained to not due any thing that will get us banned. My question however is~ How will you deal with the noobs contantly bothering our members? Please just kick them or exterminate them because they are getting on my nerves 

Sincerely, Kenny Shrooms <3

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• 1/6/2013

Allie was made a chat mod, she meets the requirements.

• 1/7/2013

And I dont :(

• 1/9/2013

I don't see 300 edits, and you haven't been here for 3 months.

• 1/9/2013
Derpidie poo
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